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Available Walking Tours

Dalhousie Sq Walk

Explore the story of Kolkata's Dalhousie Square from its early days as a motley collection of thatched huts to an administrative & commercial hub of the British Empire. 

 ₹750/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1500/person (Private)

Dalhousie Architecture.jpg

Calcutta in World War II Walk

The Second World War came to Calcutta slowly in the winter of 1942. Along with it came a devastating famine.

 ₹750/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1500/person (Private)

World War II (1).jpg

Ghats of North Kolkata Walk

The Hooghly Riverbank has seen an ebb and flow of communities, cultures and layers of history since the 17th century. 

 ₹750/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1500/person (Private)


Calcutta's Old Chinatown Walk

Explore the Oldest Chinatown in India in this walking tour. The walk includes a sumptuous lunch at Sei Vui Restaurant. 

 ₹1250/person (Scheduled)

 ₹2500/person (Private)

Chinatown (3).jpg

South Park St Cemetery Walk

Explore the largest colonial cemetery in South Asia to discover about life and death in early Colonial Calcutta

 ₹750/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1500/person (Private)


Murder & Mayhem Walk

Explore the criminal underworld of Calcutta in the 19th century and meet its first recorded serial killer! 

 ₹750/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1500/person (Private)

Murder and Mayhem.jpg

St. John's Church Walk

The St. John's Church near Dalhousie Square has many intriguing tales to offer. Join us on a walking tour of the St. John's churchyard to unravel its many stories.

 ₹650/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1000/person (Private)


Victorian Businesses Walk

This experience takes you on an exploration to the financial flourish of 19th century Calcutta through the stories of some hugely successful business houses in the city. 

 ₹850/person (Scheduled)

 ₹1700/person (Private)

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