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Crowdfunding for
Calcutta Chinatown Memory Project
Total Funding Required: ₹150,000 (US$2,050)

About the Project

Due to the upheaval of the Indian-Chinese community since Independence, many invaluable written sources, documents, and items to understand the history of the community have been lost. Immersive Trails’ interns Sagnik Bhattacharya and Nilofar Absar are leading the initiative of Chinatown Memory Project to record the remaining oral histories and memories of the Indian-Chinese community, whether living in India or abroad. 


This 6-month project under the supervision of the Immersive Trails team will work closely with the Indian-Chinese community and make a tangible record of their memories through photographs, interviews and other materials and create an Open Access digital archive of the same. 

About the Fundraiser

This fundraiser seeks to raise ₹150,000 to encourage public involvement and participation in this project. The money raised will cover the following costs:

1. Intern honorariums for 6 months
2. Operational costs for research, recording, analyzing and publishing an accessible digital archive in form of a website. This includes potential webhosting and cloudhosting charges. 
3. Purchase of archival access and equipment required for the research.

What do You Get:

All donors will be publicly acknowledged on the Immersive Trails and the Chinatown Memory Project websites, unless any of them want to remain anonymous. A weekly update of total amount raised will be reported to the donors via email and in public. 


  1. Donation of ₹1000: A set of 5 limited edition curated Calcutta Chinatown Bookmarks

  2. Donation of ₹3000: The above & A set of 8 limited edition curated Calcutta Chinatown Postcards.

  3. Donation of ₹5000: All above & a set of 3 limited edition Calcutta Chinatown Fridge Magnets.

  4. Donation of ₹10000: All above & a vintage style limited edition Calcutta Chinatown Travel Poster and a Special Map of Calcutta's Old Chinatown.

Please ensure that you have entered your postal addresses properly. We will start shipping the gifts in January 2022. Shipping duration will depend on the COVID19 restrictions present at that time.

Learn More about Calcutta's Chinatown:

  1. Beyond Barbed Wires by Rafeeq Elias:

  2. Xing, Z., 2009. The Bowbazar Chinatown. India International Centre Quarterly, 36(3/4), pp.396-413.

  3. Bose, A., 2019. The Chinese in Calcutta: A Study on Settlement and Demographical Patterns. Indian Historical Review, 46(1), pp.132-149.

  4. Ma, J. and D'Souza, D., 2020. The Deoliwallahs. Pan Macmillan.

  5. Rent Immersive Trails Calcutta's Old Chinatown Virtual Experience

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