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Particulate matter

The main cause of particulate matter in the air of large cities is man - domyhomework . Thus, particulate matter pollution in large cities is mainly caused by various industrial processes, road traffic, and domestic heating systems.

In industry, the construction industry raises the most dust - take my online class (road construction, demolition of buildings, brickworks, cement works), with bulk handling alone accounting for almost 5 % of fine dust. Another main source is combustion processes in power plants and industrial facilities Road traffic, on the one hand, raises road dust and, on the other, releases soot particles from diesel vehicles. Diesel consists of higher hydrocarbons than petrol, so that combustion in the diesel engine is not complete, unlike in the petrol engine.

Although road traffic only accounts for 17 % of total particulate matter - solve chemistry problems , some newspapers pretend that diesel vehicles are poisoning entire cities. In the case of domestic heating, most of the pollution comes from the few domestic fires fuelled by wood or coal or the fireplaces that have come back into fashion.

The combustion of oil and gas, on the other hand, produces far fewer soot particles. In larger heating systems, these are also usually removed from the exhaust gases.

Large amounts of dust can also be produced naturally, e.g. by soil erosion, pollen, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms in the desert or forest fires. However, this dust rarely reaches urban areas and is therefore hardly noticed in the media.

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