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Putting together a home studio for video shooting

This post is a kind of cheat sheet for those who are now in doubts and decide which service to use or and want to equip it properly for video.

We disclose all the components of the studio and explain what they are needed for.

So, what to buy to create a home studio?

The most logical and necessary thing is of course of course, at first you can use a stack of books, but let's say it is not the most enjoyable pleasure.

A good and budget variant of a tripod you can look at in our selection.

2. Microphone

Here is where the quality of the equipment is very important, because the sound in the training and similar videos is almost the most important thing.

3. Cinemafloha .

Your main and indispensable source of light. If you can not buy an expensive light, you can create it yourself with bulbs from Leroy, wadding and foil.

4. Spotlight

Additional light sources will also be needed. With them you can separate the background, highlight and illuminate some elements.

5. Adapter .

One, two, maybe even three. It all depends on what scheme of light you choose and how far away each source will be from each other.

Advised to first think through exactly the scheme in your apartment and already under these parameters to buy the necessary amount.

6. Diffuser

Again, the need for this component depends on what scheme of light you choose.

But just in case the diffuser in any case, do not interfere and will help if the final light turns out to be very bright and hard.

7. Tape + double-sided tape.

Well this is the masthead of all projects. Glue the lamps in the right places, fix the reflector in the right place, fix the adapter.

Even more necessary become at home studio when you work alone and no one will help you support anything.

8. Reflector

You have enough of one for your home studio and even if you don't want it in your setup, keep it as a spare and you won't regret it on future projects.

A reflector will help make your light softer or harsher, depending on your goals.

What would you add to this list? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments RELATED RESOURCES: academic transcription

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